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Table Of Contents

Getting Started

  • Risk, Brad Hargreaves
  • Unshakable Conviction, Chris Kincade
  • The Value of Sweat Equity, David S. Rose
  • Focus on What Really Matters, Chad Troutwine
  • How to Hack Yale, David Teten
  • Riding the Roller Coaster, Jesse D. Johnson
  • Make It Fun, Jordan Silbert
  • Just Do It, Elli Sharef
  • Beating Up Your Idea, Eric Meizlish


  • What Is A Startup?, Eric Ries
  • Preparing to Do a Startup, Ning Liang
  • Startups Require Passion, Michael Ma
  • The Nine Key Elements of Hands-On Startup Creation, John R. Frank
  • Advice for Seed Stage Tech Startups, Michael Seibel
  • Have Passion and Be Meticulous, William (Bill) D. Evers
  • Fundamental Self-Confidence, Paul Gu
  • The Value of Preparation, Roger McNamee
  • Making an Adventure of Your New Venture, Peter S. H. Grubstein
  • Outlook, Miles Lasater

Becoming An Entrepreneur

  • Advice from a Professor to Young Entrepreneurs, Barry Nalebuff
  • Is Entrepreneurship for You?, Fritz Lanman
  • The Basics, Kathy Moskal
  • A To-Do List for the Aspiring Entrepreneur, Casey Gerald
  • An Entrepreneur’s Luck, Donna Dubinsky
  • Can Entrepreneurs Actually Be Advised? Jeffrey Brenzel
  • Growing Out of Your Comfort Zone, Victor Cheng
  • The Entrepreneurial Life, Mark Gerson
  • Trust—The Way to Overcome Uncertainty, Patricia Brett
  • The Case for Humility, Justin Borgman
  • An Entrepreneurial Checklist, Tobin Fisher
  • Jump at Opportunity, Sander Daniels
  • Entrepreneur Your Life, Gregg Vanourek

Motives And Motivations

  • Are Entrepreneurs Really the Happiest People on Earth? Jane Park
  • Nothing Else, Patrick Foley, Ph.D.
  • Doing Well and Doing Good, Jens Molbak
  • It Gives Me a Headache, Steve Gottlieb
  • Watch the Parking Meters, Steve Tomlin
  • Difference Between Business Development and Sales, Victor Wong
  • Sink or Swim, Julia Pimsleur
  • Connect Your Passion to Helping Others, Marc A. Perry
  • A Dose of Pragmatism, Sheldon Gilbert
  • Work with What and Who You Love, Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory
  • Hate to Be Him, Rob Long Fall in Love with a Problem, Sandeep Ayyappan
  • Passion Above All, Kevin Lee


  • It Really Is the People, David Meyers, Ph.D.
  • Yes, Your People Is the Secret, Ingrid Stabb
  • Pick Your Co-Founders Wisely, Alexandra Cavoulacos
  • Like Good Friends, J.B. Schramm
  • Be Shameless—But Genuine—About Networking, Jonathan Swanson
  • Wisdom Based on Experience, Peter O. Crisp
  • Finding Your Team, Eugene A. Ludwig
  • Your Team Is Your Best Asset, Brynne Herbert
  • The Key to Hiring, Kevin Ryan
  • It’s Still About the People, Bob Casey
  • Two Seconds, Mara Segal
  • Let Your Customers Teach You, Anna Barber

Being The Best

  • So Many Stones, Jordan Goldberg
  • Accomplish Something Every Day, Richard Thalheimer
  • Gifting, Dave Lieberman
  • Three Essentials to a Company’s Success, Lauren Monahan
  • A Venture Culture, Robert Adelson
  • Intuition vs. Emotion, Ben Jacobs
  • Constant Striving, Rohini B. Shah
  • You Must Love LaMarcus Thompson, Winston Bao Lord
  • Execution is Everything, Scott C. Johnston
  • Living the 80/20 Rule, Mike Del Ponte
  • The Perfection of Imperfection, Mie-Yun Lee
  • What All Entrepreneurs Share, Jessica Jewell Ogilvie
  • The Value We Each Bring, Louise Langheier

The Path Is Not Always Straight

  • Why Work Is a Four-Letter Word, Chris DeVore
  • Moving the Needle, Kevin J. Delaney
  • Learning Through Experience, Lise Laurin
  • Making Decisions, Rick Field
  • Follow the Old Soldier, Alex Selkirk
  • Kissing the Stanley Cup, Bing Gordon


  • There Is A Way! Mark T. Volchek
  • How to Reach Your Destination, Noah Glass
  • On Failure, Matthew O. Brimer
  • A Team of One, Scott Kaylie
  • Keep Trying, Al Zuckerman
  • “No” Doesn’t Mean “No”—It Just Means “Not Right Now!” Jennifer Carter Fleiss
  • Don’t Give Up, Linda Tong
  • Unplug, Pete Land
  • The Chicken Itch, Marc Cenedella

From Experience

  • Two Pieces of Advice, Willis “Chip” Arndt, Jr.
  • Ten Things I Wish I Had Known Before Founding a Company, Kate L. Hudson
  • Four Lessons They Don’t Teach in Business School (Even at the Yale School of Management), Seth Goldman
  • You Are Always a Shoeshiner, Lee Mergy
  • Optimize, Dan Friedman
  • Avoiding Pitfalls, Frederick W. Smith
  • Three Things I Wish I’d Learned Earlier, Linda Rottenberg
  • Hard-Won Lessons from the Bottom of Silicon Valley, Scott Faber
  • The Top Ten Avoidable Mistakes of Entrepreneurs, William H. Draper III
  • Passion, Persistence, and Pragmatism, Sanjay H. Patel
  • It’s Not All About You, Mitch Kapor
  • Words to the Wise, Jon Carson
  • Jump, Damon Danielson
  • Be Amazing, Markus Moberg
  • I Wish Someone Had Told Me, Cornelius McNab

Knowledge is power.

INSIGHTS grants you access to 101 of Yale’s leading entrepreneurs and their key lessons. From founders of Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, to the next generation of entrepreneurs like Thiel Fellows, to early investors in Apple, Cisco, Facebook, and other billion dollar startups, INSIGHTS is a collection of the best advice offered by a diverse group of leaders and innovators.

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As an entrepreneur, you’re making a bet on yourself.

Brad Hargreaves, Co-Founder of General Assembly

The market and the technology will change multiple times while
building your company, so it’s important to have the end goal in
mind to keep you grounded and focused.

Chad Troutwine, Co-Founder of Veritas Prep & Producer of the film Freakonomics

So here’s my advice: Just go for it.
Take the plunge. Don’t overthink it. Just do it.

Elli Sharef, Co-Founder of HireArt
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